Success Stories

Securing Creditor’s Rights in Bankruptcy Court

Weaver v. 89 Commercial Road, LLC

Worcester Superior Court
United States Bankruptcy Court (D. Mass)

Our client was awarded the full principal and interest due to him under a promissory note from the Chapter 11 debtor, following attachment of the debtor’s single asset in state court and the successful re-negotiation of the debtor’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan. Counsel successfully opposed several Chapter 11 plans that were proposed and which would have “crammed down” or otherwise reduced our client’s recovery.

Successful Defense of Unpaid Overtime Claims

Freehart et al. v. Charlton Welding et al.

Worcester Superior Court

Our office successfully moved for summary judgment in favor of the defendant (a commercial trucking company) on all of the plaintiffs’ overtime claims, worth approximately $186,000.00, after the plaintiffs were determined to be exempt from mandatory overtime pay under the state and federal motor carrier exemptions.

Recovery for Commercial Property Damage/Unfair Settlement Practices

Miso, Inc. v. Dias et al.

Worcester Superior Court

Full market value of automotive garage destroyed by gasoline explosion recovered on behalf of property owner from tenant’s out of state insurer. With the assistance of fire recreation and real estate appraisal experts, firm presented compelling evidence of tenant’s negligence and pressed claims for unfair insurance practices in order to secure six-figure settlement prior to trial.

Action for Adverse Possession and Quiet Title to Land

Duclos v. O’Leary et al.

Middlesex Superior Court

Successful action to quite title to client’s Marlborough property. Property had never undergone probate after the last owner with clear title passed away in 1943, and client had received defective deeds in 1981 from the “then-known” heirs.

Proving Acceptance of Materials Supplied/Real Estate Attachment

Auburn Winwater Works Co. v. Environic Solutions

Newton District Court
1312 CV 131

Summary judgment entered in plaintiff supplier’s favor on all claims and counterclaims, upon showing that contractor had “accepted” all materials under the UCC, and that contractor’s failure to read or understand terms of the parties’ credit agreement was not a cognizable defense to breach of contract. Full judgment plus attorney’s fees collected after debtor’s personal residence attached and scheduled for sheriff’s sale.

Proving Notice of Public Payment Bond Claim

H.R. Prescott & Sons, Inc. v. Western Surety Co. et al.

Middlesex Superior Court
C.A. 2011-03871-B

Successfully established defendant surety company’s “actual notice” of client’s bond claim within statutory time frame, prompting six figure settlement.

Breach of Contract for Non-Payment

G.S. Redlon & Sons vs. Intech, Inc.

Marlborough District Court
C.A. 200921CV345

Successfully prosecuted and proved at trial general contractor’s claims that it was due its contract balance for nonpayment, and successfully defended against owner’s claims that general contractor did not complete its work and perform in a workmanlike manner. The jury found the general contractor was justified in stopping work for nonpayment, owner’s claims unfounded and the general contractor obtained a judgment and a full recovery of its contract balance, plus interest and attorney’s fees.

Defending a Bid Protest

Easton Winwater Works Co. and Town of Burlington advs. Mass Installation

Prevailed at the Attorney General’s Office and successfully defended against a bid protest filed by another bidder alleging Easton Winwater Works’ low bid was not responsive and therefore not eligible due to wage rates.


Defending Claims of Defective Products

H.R. Prescott & Sons, Inc. v MPF Corp., Michael P. Federico, Individually and North American Specialty Insurance Company

Worcester Superior Court
C.A. WOCV2003-00887

Successfully prosecuted supplier’s M.G.L. c. 149 § 29 bond claim and proved that general contractor’s refusal to pay supplier due to alleged defects and cost of remedial work was unfounded. Demonstrated problems were the result of improper installation and not product defects.  The case was settled right before trial, in favor of the supplier, for the amount of its claim as well as interest and reasonable attorney’s fees.

Prosecuting Public Payment Bond Claim

Miles Johnston d/b/a Johnston Drywall v Jan Five Corp. d/b/a Alexandra Construction, National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburg and Hartford Fire Insurance Company

Middlesex Superior Court
C.A. MICV2002-04098

Successfully prosecuted subcontractor’s claims pursuant to M.G.L. c. 149 § 29 to judgment, and successfully defended delay claims and improper work claims by general contractor. Subcontractor obtained a judgment and fully recovered approximately $300,000, including interest and attorney’s fees.